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Costa Rica

Choose any of our luxury Costa Rica holidays and jet off to arrive at this amazing destination which is home to a number of beaches, hidden coves, tropical forests and found in between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Simply beautiful.

Visit Manuel Antonia, Costa Rica's smallest national park which offers everything from diving to snorkelling to horse-riding tours and Zip lining. There is also a huge variety of wildlife within the 1680 acres such as the iguana, the two-toed Sloth and the endangered Squirrel monkey. Take a trip to a coffee plantation to see where the Costa Rican coffee beans grow.

A trip along the coast will provide you with some stunning scenery, vibrant nightlife and a chance to see the famous leatherback turtles in the beach resort of Tamarindo, a playground for surfers from all over.

Arenal Volcano was Costa Rica’s most active volcano until it entered a resting phase in October 2010, its almost perfect conical peak dominates the horizon. The National Park encompasses almost 30,000 acres of lush cloud forest, tropical forest, barren lava fields and rivers as well as an abundance of wildlife.

So what are you waiting for? Book your truly unforgettable holidays to Costa Rica today.

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