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Holidays to South America

Holidays to South America explore the vast continent, with landscapes as stunning as they are different – from the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Andes to the interior jungle rainforests of the Amazon, you’ll find adventure at every turn, with coastal wonders, ancient Inca ruins and high-altitude deserts that are as fascinating as they are otherworldly.

Top destinations include wine country in Chile and Argentina, the Nasca Plateau and Macchu Picchu in Peru, enjoying the Latin culture of food, drink and dance in Buenos Aires, and the wonders of Easter Island and the Galapagos.

Pack for the destination and time of year you are travelling, but be sure to bring warm clothes, especially if you intend to spend any time in the mountains. Rain gear is essential, as they don’t call it the ‘rainforest’ for nothing – rainfall is plentiful most everywhere in South America, so best to be prepared with good waterproof outerwear or at the very least some quick-dry clothing options.

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