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Luxury Japan holidays will allow you to open your eyes to the amazing city of Tokyo, Japan's vibrant capital. You will be mesmerised by the dizzying dimensions and flashing neon lights, where skyscrapers tower over the city, you will find all the latest flashy gadgets that Japan has to offer and view all the latest fashions.

Tokyo isn't just a modern metropolis. If you fancy something a little bit more serene, you can stroll around tranquil gardens and visit peaceful temples.

Climb Japan's highest mountain - Mount Fuji, snow capped and towering at 12,388 feet, it can even be seen from Tokyo on a clear day. Every summer this magnificent mountain is visited by thousands of pilgrims who hike to its sacred summit, as it is also known as one of the '3 holy mountains'.

From Nijo Castle in the ancient imperial city of Kyoto, to the culture of the tea houses of Pontocho and Gion, where Geisha practice centuries-old musical and dance entertainment, you will never grow tired of this fascinating country and everything that it has to share with you.

Luxury Holidays to Japan host a million and one things to do, so what are you waiting for? Book your holidays to Japan today.

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