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Burma, also known as Myanmar is a nation in southeast Asia, sharing borders with Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. It is a country known for its history of political unrest as much as it is for its spectacular Buddhist temples, new year’s celebrations and world-class surfing.

In 2006 Napyidaw replaced Yangon as the capital city. The English name for it is Royal Capital, but a more direct translation into English would be Royal City of the Sun. Interestingly enough, Napyidaw is a planned city; completed in 2012, it took only four years to build. Since the city was created for the sole purpose of being the country’s capital, tourism isn’t huge here, but there are some areas of interest for the traveller. There are shopping centres and markets, as well as entertainment venues, including a zoo and waterpark. Napyidaw also has the National Herbal Park, home to more than 3,000 medicinal plants grown in the surrounding area.

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